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Justin Bieber Email Address

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 Justin Bieber
Hollywood Singer
Official Justin Bieber Email Address:
An official fan email address for Justin Bieber is unknown at this time.
(Message him on his official pages below instead!)
Official Website:

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Official Youtube Account:

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  1. hi i am a big fan of justin bieber i love his songs voice and best of all i love him i try so hard to find his address but it is all for nothing all i found was that he lives in atlana and his birth name is justin drew bieber i live in malta and my dream is that i get to go to one of his concerts here in malta but he never came

  2. im his biggest biggest fan my mom and dad and my hole family say that i drive them crazy talking about justin bieber

  3. I really love Jusin Bieber. I wasn't always a fan. I didn't really like him much until I actually did some research. After listening to like 20 of songs, seeing his movie, reading about him in magazines, and reading his book. I became his #1 fan. My school locker is plastered with pictures of the cutie. I always have one of his songs playing in my room. I own his book. I can sing along to almost every one of his songs, and his movie brought me to tears. He's such an amazing guy who I would do almost anything to meet. At the very least, he could do a concert somewhere in North Carolina!

  4. world, want you to know that justin is my life!i will support and love him 4ever!

  5. You will never guess what he is MY cousin so I get all these free autographs from him and selena .I am his number 1 fan well I think although I like selena the same she is really good to .I have got his surfing bracelet he gave me it because hes got loads! and selena gave me her necklace she wore in her music video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am selenas side of the family though!!
    But im not aloud tell anyone his imformation because my mum wont tell me yet she is telling me when im older though!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. iam ur biggest fan ever in the history of fans i love u i wanna be friendz with u

  7. how sad....justin bieber isnt your cousin, get over him hes just a singer



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